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Jailbroken iPhone giving you masses of Other in iTunes?

Have been troubleshooting a weird JB iphone error where the other file type would spontaneously grow and grow and grow to massive proportions... If you get this the problem is this.

Rock Your iPhone

My Other type is the largest part of my files. When SSH'ing into my iPhone and went to root, I ran the following command:

find . -size +100M

which basically lists all files larger than 100Mb in size.

I found the usual media files but one caught my eye, a log file. I went to my GUI file manager of choice, iPhone folders and found the size of this file... 2.27Gb!

I copied the file to my PC and opened it up and found a lot of errors inside...

Appears Rock Your iPhone is stuck in an endless loop. Delete this file, its not required and will reclaim your space.... HOWEVER it will auto recreate though


Thursday, February 25, 2010