Sunday, September 10, 2006

Better Picture of the TV

Clearer pics of the TV! Sweet!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

The TV is installed!

Took not more than 10 minutes to setup.... Sweet!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

WooHoo The TV is here!

Well the TV is here.... however we are still awaiting the stand... No point in installing it until that arrives.... Hurry up stand!!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Purchase in the Nut Hut!

Well we are getting into the digital HD age... We've just brought this beauty!

The spec's of this are;

  • 16:9 Wide Digital & analog / PVR complex LCD TV HD Ready
  • Analog and DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) reception
  • Digital Twin tuner PVR (Personal Video Recorder) function
  • Tape-less Recording - Digital Recording and Playback (Maximum 80 hours in the 160GB HDD without use of tape)
  • USB 2.0 port connection compatibility without extension HDD
  • Interactive communication via MHEG or MHP middleware
  • Recording digital channel, analog channel and external AV input.
  • Multiple Screen - Loaded with PIP & DS (Dual Screen) functions
  • Virtual Surround audio : Multi-functional SRS TruSurroundXT
  • PC grade WXGA Video resolution support (1366 * 768)
  • VESA Standard Wall Mounting Support (not including bracket)
  • Main RCU & Sub RCU (Support Remote Control for Children and the elderly, in addition to the Multi-functional main remote)
This will go well with our DVD Recorder and NTL Digital package!

Just waiting for it to be delivered! I WANT IT NOW! :-D