Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Setting up a Bluetooth Personal Area Network for Internet Connection Sharing for Mobiles

This method of Internet access sharing will only work when the host PC has Internet access through a LAN. The host PC must be running Windows 2000, XP or 2003 because it uses a Network Bridge
  • Make sure you have fully followed the main guide
  • Pair the devices
  • Open the configuration options on the primary PC
  • Select the "local services" tab
  • Choose "network access" and click on "properties"
  • Make sure it is set to "start-up automatically", and change the pull down option to "allow other devices to access the Internet/LAN via this computer"
  • If the device you want to connect FROM does not support Bluetooth security properly you need to download and run this registry fragment
  • Open the "Network Connections" control panel
  • Select your primary LAN connection (usually called "Local Area Network"), and then, holding control, also select your Bluetooth network connection (usually called "Bluetooth Network")
  • Right click on either of the selected connections, and choose "Bridge Connections"
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth network connection is enabled on both devices
  • Share the relevant folders or printers on the main PC
  • Connect the network access option the same way as any other Bluetooth service
  • If you want to share files, folders, or printers in both directions you should carry out the above procedure on both PC's